VZW.com blocked by Vipre?

I’ve written to Vipre’s forum about this but have received no response. I’d like to know how they determine if a site is potentially dangerous.

Vipre warning on VZW.com

And what brought me there? None other than the initial privacy-related email from Verizon. It’s all about my Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI) and whether they can share it with their family of companies. Of course if trends continue, that family of companies might include content creators like Fox, so I’m going to opt-out.

Verizon Share CPNI ButtonNo problem, click the button, right?

And now I have to disable my firewall to protect my privacy. I hope this doesn’t signal the fashion of the rest of the week!

Be Well!

Google to offer credit card for Adwords

Providing small businesses the opportunity to quickly ramp up their advertising spending, that’s Google’s latest venture.

The Adwords Mastercard overview:

  • Launched & available as a “beta test” and were sent out Wednesday July 20, 2011 to select customers
  • Available should favor small and medium-sized business, but might be wider
  • Fairly Low 8.99 ongoing (not introductory) annual percentage rate
  • Issued by: issued by the World Financial Capital Bank
  • Attractive Credit Line, yet to be announced but likely based on adwords spend
  • No Annual Fee

Would you consider this for your business? Would you promote a new product or product line with it just to try it out? Need a new website to advertise? Call in the Pros!

Obama finishes what Bush started

Catching up with news this morning, I was pleasantly surprised by news that CIA, after 4 years of what I assume was painstaking intelligence work, tracked Osama Bin Laden to his home of at least the past 6 years. While I’d love to have heard that he was captured, the news that he was killed, removing his visage from the Most Wanted list (once they update their website), this is good news.

To read more, i found the following resources to be the most informative. I’ll be streaming NPR.org as long as they focus the news on this.



I close by offering my heartfelt support to those who lost loved ones on September 11, 2001. This week will undoubtedly raise emotions not pondered in some years and our thoughts are with them today.

Spotting phishing and fake order spam in 5 seconds flat

We get these fairly regularly (1 per week), and occasionally our website maintenance clients forward one to us. Who knows how much time their salespeople waste following up on fake orders, only to decide at the end that the order is fraudulent. Or worse, they ship the order only to find that the payment fails.

Review the following message and I’ll tell you how you know its a BS phishing or fake order spam in 5 seconds flat!
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New website underway

You can see the latest addition to the network of websites that we support:

Connecticut Tattoos and Piercings

This website supports the marketing efforts underway for New Haven Tattoo studio Graphic Images. Graphic Images offers one of the strongest portfolios of tattoo artists anywhere in the Tri-state area and serves New Haven county, Hartford county and tattoo enthusiasts from Boston and New York who travel I-95 based on the strength of the body art they demonstrate.

3PRIME provided complete copywriting, CMS website setup and will be uploading graphics to the portfolio in the coming days. From there, this website will serve as a significant asset in the company’s online marketing efforts.
This website is provided with our managed hosting service.

List of 8 food dyes linked with ADHD

The FDA has come a long way in making foods and drugs safer for America. A big part of their success has been the prevalence of the labeling of a goods contents. Some are proposing the FDA take their labeling a step further and start providing warning labels on foods that use the following dyes. It’s also interesting of note that these same dyes are banned in Europe.

Yellow #6
Yellow #5
Red #40 (Most Common)
Red #3
Orange B
Green #3
Blue #2
Blue #1

Its all because there have been claims that these dyes can cause ADHD in some kids. Check out the story on CBSNews.com for more information and to see what types of food these dyes are used in.

Hint: a lot.

New Page for New Haven Manufacturer

3Prime is proud to announce a new project to revamp the site of aerospace parts manufacturer Space-Craft Manufacturing Inc. SCM was founded 40 years ago in Connecticut, and has been manufacturing gas turbine parts ever since. It is one of the few manufacturers still based in New Haven, once a major American gun-smithing and metal-working center.

The company is one of the few in the world that has the equipment and expertise in turning and milling certain kinds of round turbine and airframe components, and is therefore a valuable strategic business for the American aerospace and defense industries.

3Prime has been contracted to create a new homepage for Space-Craft Manufacturing that will reflect its cutting-edge technology and engineering experience. Check back in a month to admire the difference!
We have created other homepages for manufacturers. Click on the link to see our latest work.